Friday, November 16, 2007

Graphic-novel goodies - senior show

Senior show was fun. Even got interviewed.

Graphic-novel goodies - Fine Art

It had a good variety of my art and I was so glad to finally show off my printed books. Also my friend Jennifer Paul was there showing graphic design work. When I was setting up I was starting to tear up. I'm really going to miss college when I'm finished.

My artist statement was:

Creating comics are like being the writer, actor, director, and editor of a movie all in one person. I write the story, the characters, the conflicts... I act out scenes in front of mirrors to draw the emotions of the characters. I direct the angles where I want every scene and character to be placed in each panel. And lastly I edit and manipulate the scenes to emphasize and hide what the audience sees. My work is the result of drawing, digital work, printmaking and publication both online and in print. It becomes a very involving experience. That’s why I like to make comics and will continue to create them.

Here's some pictures before the show:

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CrimBot said...

very interesting and amazing! I noticed your work thru Demon Eater, and enjoy the story and artwork very much! :D