Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Comixpress and colorist search

I'm experimenting with cheaper printing: Comixpress. I summited my first thing wrong and am waiting for them to tell me it's wrong so I can resubmit. My plan is to make a small TPCTH manga sized book and small comic books of just chapter 10 and 11. The due date is April before Anime Detour and Anime Central. If I want to remake the first book I have to do photoshop batch processing correctly or suffer doing it the hard way.

For the upcoming book covers I thought about it and I want to hire a colorist.
It would be for the three book covers of TPCTH. I want to still do the pencils and inking just have someone color them for me. The reason why is after making comic art for so long really good coloring(the kind that people actually buy at comic and anime cons) is just not what I do good at. I want to focus my talents at pencil and linework so I can become specialized in making that very good.
I'm planning on paying actual money and the colorist will be credited in the book. I have limits though.. I'm not a real company or anything so if you ask too high I'm looking elsewhere.

The kind of colorist I am looking for... someone that can do high contrasting colors and shadows like lights on figures in the dark. Can render realistic fire effects. More artistic painterly like, not cartoony or anime coloring like. Probably a CG artist but you can prove me wrong if I see what I'm looking for in your portfolio (AKA also can be your DA gallery).

I still haven't completely finished drawing the covers yet so I won't seriously be looking for a colorist until December. BTW since I am planning on paying money I'm going to be extremely picky and don't be offended if I refuse to commission you.

Email me if interested or link me recommendations.

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